Colombia - Decaffeinated Swiss Water SWP - EP

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Country Colombia
Region Huila
Farm Various smallholder farmers
Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

Proc. Method
Washed, water-process decaffeinated


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The Cup

Tart, soft, critic, and creamy with graham cracker flavor.

Coffees of any process (Washed, Natural, Honey, etc.) can also be processed for decaffeination. The decaffeination itself takes place after the coffee has been harvested, processed, and had its parchment layer removed; most of the time, coffees need to be sent to specific facilities to be decaffeinated, rather than having the caffeine removed at the mill level.

At present, there is no such thing as genetically decaffeinated coffee, which means that decaf coffee needs to be created by physically removing the caffeine from green coffee seeds. Most of today’s decaf processing methods are sophisticated and thorough and can remove 99 percent of the caffeine naturally present in coffee.

For more information about coffee production in Colombia, visit our Colombia page.

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