About Kafa

Kafa Coffee is the main specialty green beans supplier in the GCC, Importing from 28 different origins, some of the most exquisite coffee’s available, and re exporting them to the Middle East, Partnering with Cafe Imports, the leading specialty coffee importer, Kafa brings more than 25 years of experience and expertise in sourcing and developing a ever growing selection of coffee.

Our Mission

We aim to open up new opportunities for members of the coffee industry by sharing our passion through education and example, by building effective and valuable partnerships, and by providing premium coffee to a new industry.

Our Vision 

We strive to push the boundaries of the specialty coffee industry by providing only the highest quality of green beans found worldwide.

Proposed Value

Efficient Client Support

Client support is makes up the top list of our strategy. The response average lead time to our customers need ranges from 10 minutes to 1 hour during our working period. This is monitored by a board of leaders who have more than 10 years of relevant experience in coffee industry.

Consistent Cup Profile

For roasters to be able to supply coffees with consistent cup profile, they need to have high skills and techniques to tweak their roasting methods despite of different origins of their green beans. Yet still, consistency is one of the highest pain points that most roasters have to overcome. Thus, we offer the following  solutions:

  • Brazilian Serra Negra
  • Colombian Gran Galope
  • Guatemalan Waykan


Each of us may have his own perspective looking into what quality really is. Some people may have a single undescriptive thought of Quality, others may get very comprehensive about it. However, KAFA is usually concerned with some key points that make up our vision of quality, and we found what we look for in the practices that is implemented by our partners in USA, Café Imports. Our main target is as follows: 
    1. Greens with no defect despite of cup score
    2. Farms that follow detail-oriented procedures
    3. Farms that are innovative with green beans processing
    4. Freshest crop to ensure long enough shelf-life.We import some greens directly from origins:
      • Brazilian
      • Colombian
      • Guatemala
      • Ethiopia

    Discount Schemes

    To support our clients business growth, we came up with two discount schemes:

        • A client will be upgraded to a certain discount tier based on quantities of items that they may purchase in a single invoice. 
        • Purchases of a single client throughout the year will be evaluated and based on which they will be entitled for a certain rebate against all their purchases on the following year.