Tierras Blancas - Castillo

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Country Colombia
Region Tierras Blancas, Inzá, Cauca
Farm La Cabaña
Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, Typica
1830 masl
Proc. Method
Washed - Double Fermentation


The Cup

Sweet and creamy with amaretto, praline and almond flavors.

Carlos Gustavo Gonzalez owns a 1.8-hectare farm called Bella Vista, where he grows several varieties of coffee, including Typica and Caturra along with the Colombian varieties of Colombia and Castillo. He is careful to harvest the coffees when they are their ripest: bright red cherries for the Typica and Caturra, purple for Castillo, and dark yellow for Colombia. He puts his coffee through what's called a "double fermentation" by producers who work with Banexport: First the coffees are placed in a hopper after picking, where they sit for 12 hours; then the are depulped and fermented in a tank for 24 hours. The parchment is washed three or four times, and then dried in a gable-roof dryer for about 14 days.

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