Gayo Simpang Tertit - Semi Washed

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Country Indonesia
Bener Meriah, Gayo
Simpang Teritit Village
Ateng, Tim-Tim, Gayo-1, Lini
Proc. Method Wet-Hulled


The Cup

Savory with tangy acidity, almond and herbal flavors.


This offering comes from the Simpang Tertit village in sub-distric of Bener Meriah, in Sumatra's Gayo region. Coffees here are picked ripe, depulped on the same day using the Giling Basah method. Coffee is then fermented in water for 12-14 hours, and dried for a period of 3-4 days depnding on the weather. Most farms in this region have an average of 0.5-2 hectares of land and depend entirely on coffee for income.

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