Pink Bourbon - Cauca

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Country Colombia
Region Guanacas, Inzá, Cauca
Farm La Estrella
Pink Bourbon
1870 masl
Proc. Method Natural 


The Cup

Sweet and savory with lots of tart acidity, red grape, rich chocolate and berry flavors. 

Neftali Fajardo Salazar has a farm in Inzá, Cauca, where Pink Bourbon grows on about 3.4 hectares of land. The coffee is picked when it turns a very dark orange color, and the cherries are sorted initially by floating them in a tank and removing the ones that bob to the surface, in a process called "balseo." The coffee is then dried on raised beds for a period of 16-24 days while being moved every single day to ensure and even drying process for this natural coffee.

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