Inzá - Cauca

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Country Colombia
Region Inzá, Cauca
Farm Bella Vista
Castillo & Colombia
1840  masl
Proc. Method Honey


The Cup

Sweet with tart, grape juice, fruit acidity, berry, cranberry, apple and toffee flavors.

This offering comes from Galiyor Aranda Rivera of Finca Bella Vista, a 2.2 hectare farm located in Cauca's sub department of Inza — one of the most unique areas of Colombia's coffee growing region. During the harvest, 4-6 people are hired to help pick ripe coffees. The cherries are harvested based on color and feel, for these varieties the color of the cherries should be a deep, dark red, almost purple color. Once harvested, cherries are floated to separate any underripe cherries and after that, the cherry selection is hand sorted by the workers. Cherries are placed in sacks for 24 hours and then depulped. For this process, cherries are placed into a plastic tank for a period of 30 hours and then moved to raised parabolic drying beds and dried for a period of 15 to 25 days depending on the weather conditions.

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