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Country Indonesia
Bandung, Tilu Mountains, Pangalengan, West Java
Various smallholder farmers
Atengsuper, Bor Bor, Sigararutang
1400-1700 masl
Proc. Method Washed


The Cup

Toffee, coffee cherry and lemon flavors with cucumber in the aftertaste and tart citric acidity.


The Frinsa Collective is focused around a family-owned estate known as Frinsa, run by Wildan Mustofa. The "collective" refers to the family's purchasing of coffee from neighboring producers for processing and sale from the Finsa Estate. The coffee is rinsed, sorted, and depulped the same day it's delivered, and fermented for 18 hours. It's washed to remove the mucilage, then dried on patios for 7–10 days.

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