Nicaragua Segovia Finca Agua Sarca

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Country Nicaragua
Region Dipilto, Nueva Segovia.
Farm Finca Agua Sarca
Heirloom Ethiopian varieties
Altitude 1150–1350 masl
Proc. Method Natural


The Cup

Mellow, sweet, and tart with citrus fruit and nutty flavors. 

Nicaragua is known for producing larger quantities of standard coffees, and microlots are much less common, despite the presence of good quality varieties like Bourbon and Caturra: The lower elevations throughout the country and the prevalence of coffee-leaf rust have made it difficult for producers to achieve that ellusive micrlot status. The Albir sisters and their associates are interested in producing specialty coffee and are going the extra mile to separate lots based on variety and a host of experimental processes such as honeys and naturals, which are unusual for Nicaraguan coffee as well.

We expect to see the volumes of their microlot-quality lots improve and are also impressed by their blended lots of more standard coffees—a diversity of options that allow them to grow with the developing Nicaraguan specialty market.

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